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Municipal Corporations | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11318913
1 Value: INR 2.31 Million (approx.) | Supply of computer & fax stationary and general stationery items, Ammonia paper - 1.2 x 10 Mtrs. Clear Print, Ammonia Liquid , Cello Tape 1’’, Cello Tape ¾ ‘’, Cello Tape ½ ‘’, Colour Pencil, Drawing Pencil, Drawing Eraser, Drawing pins, Measuring Tape - 50 Mtrs. Plastika, R.T.F. Rolls - 40” width 20 Mtrs., Tecnova Brand, Sketch Pens - Each 12 Nos., Set Squares - Big (each one box 10 sets) Omega, Scale (Engineering) - Big, Tracing paper Special (90/100) GSM , Tracing Paper ordinary (90/95) GSM – 120, Lamination film Rolls, Plotter Rolls 42” A-1 Size, Plotter Rolls 36” A-0 Size, Plotter Rolls 24” A-2 Size, 80 Column Computer paper (10 x 12 x 1) single, Each box contains 3000 Nos. 80 GSM, DVD - Jewel case Sony, Pay slip paper with carbon 1+1 (10*12*2) 6’’ (80 column) - Each box 1000 Nos. 70 GSM, Photo Glassy Paper–A4 - 175 GSM (210 X 297MM), Q 6000 Black (9424), Q 6001 Cyan (9423), Q 6002 Yellow (9421), Q 6003 Megenta (9422), HP Laser Jet CP 1025 Toner CE 310 (Black), HP Laser Jet CP 1025 Ink cartridge 901 Black, HP Laser Jet CP 1025 Ink cartridge 901 Colour, Pen Drive 4 GB, Epson printer Ribbons 680, Epson LQ 2090 Printer ribbon, Dot matrix Ribbon LQ 1050, Wep Uttran 7000 Printer Ribbon, HP C 9370 A (72) 130 ML Photo Black, HP C 9403 A (72) 130 ML Mathl Black, HP Cartridge 72 Cyan C 9371 A (130 ML), HP Cartridge 72 Megenta C 9372 A (130 ML), HP Cartridge 72 Yellow C 9373 A (130 ML), HP Cartridge 72 Gray C 9374 A (130 ML), C 7115 A (15) HP, PE – 220 (Fax), C - 388, Toner Samsung - 1640, HP Q2612 A (12A) HP, Samsung L 1520, Samsung 1610, Toner 1230 Ricoh, Toner cartridge 5225 – Xerox Machine, Drum – Xerox Machine Model No.5225, 5020 Xerox machine toner, Drum 5020 – Xerox Machine, Roneo machine copy P ink CPI – 10, Roneo Machine, Master Roll CPMT – 21 Roneo Machine, 5020 carrages/cables – 1 set Xerox Machine, Cartridge (702 Black), Cartridge (802 Black), Cartridge (802 Colour), Alpins, Attendance Registers, Box Files, Erezex (White fluid), File Boards, File Tags, Gum Bottles, Gum Bottles, Ledger Paper F/S - 500 sheets 70 GSM 10.4 kg, L’ Shape Plastic Folders - Morako-lamnia, Modi Xerox F/S Papers, Modi Xerox A4 Papers, Modi Xerox A3 Papers, Pencils (Ordinary) - 1 Box (10 Nos.) Natraj, Pencils (Ordinary) - 1 Box (10 Nos.) HB, Pencils (Ordinary) - 1 Box (10 Nos.) Apsara, Pencils (Ordinary), Paper Weights - Good quality (Glass) Big size M.Size, Punching Machine (Medium) - No.280 Kangaroo, Registers-1 Q, Registers-6 (Rexine) (Leather Bounded), Stapler (Big) - 24 X 6 HD–45 Kangaroo, Stapler (Small) - No.10 Kangaroo, Stapler Pins (S) - No.10, Kangaroo, Stapler Pins (B) - 24 / 6, Kangaroo, Table Pads - Standard, With Rexine, Tochens - Standard (Steel with handle) (Plastic with handle), White Paper F/S - 500 Sheets 70 GSM Siripur, Dak Pads - Good Quality, Gupts, Stamp pad (S) Blue - Ashoka brand, Stamp pad (big) Blue - Ashoka brand, Calculators (DJ-120 Casio) + (CT-912 Large Display Citizen) - 12 Digits Big, Calling Bells - Sharp, Stampad Ink 30 ml - Ashoka, Transparent Plastic Folder L Shape A4 Size - Cello, ransparent Plastic Folder L Shape F/s Size - Cello, File wrappers - With HMDA logo & office address on thick graff paper brown color 100 GSM size full scrape, Office Letter heads/ pads , Scribbling pads , Scribbling pads , P.Rs. - On white paper 300 pages, Visiting cards | Due on 06-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Courier Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11122682
2 Value: INR 1 Million | Supply Of Thermal Paper Rolls With 57 MM Of 55 GSM 2.25. | Due on 05-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Courier Services | Chhattisgarh | TID: 11260762
3 Value: INR 1 Million | Supply of Stationary – Carbon, Gum, Allpin, Stapler, Stapler Pin, Register Page, Stamp pad, File Belt Cloth Coated, Compouter paper, Rooling Paper, Tag, Paper, Printer Cartridge, Printer Ribbon, Dot Pen, Laser Printer Cartridge, Photocopy paper, Computer mouse Optical USB, Key Board, Barcode Scanner, Stamp pad, Lefafa laminated, Rubber Bend, CD Marker pen, Highlighter pen, Rifill, sutli, web Camera, Glass Tumbler, Kenol, File Cover, Whitener, etc. | Due on 28-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Uttaranchal | TID: 11271869
4 Value: INR 9.06 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Stationary Items - Pen Ball Reynold(Red/Blue/Black), Pen Bali Montax Blue, Pen Ball Holder (Blue/Red), Pen Trimax (Blue/Green/Black), Pen Ball Parker (Blue/Black/Red), Refile Reynolds (Blue/Black/Red), Pen Add gel (Blue/Black/Red/Green), Pen Gel Cello Blue, Pen Jotter Blue, Pen Holder for pen stand (Blue & Red), Refile Ball Pen Parker M-0.7 mm, Refile Add gel Pen (Blue/Black/Red), Refile Jotter (Red/Blue), Refile Bal! Pen Montax Mega Top Blue, Pen Pilot (Blue/Black/Green/Red), Pen Pilot V.5, Pen Pilot ink (Red/Black/Blue), Sketch Pen Various Colour, Pencil HB Natraj, Eraser Natraj 20 Nos. Pack, Tag large Green Per 100, Tag Smail White Per 100, Sharpner Natraj, Sharpner 20 No Pack, Marker Pen Small( Blue/Red/Black), Highlighter Pen Cloured, Short Hand Book Ruled, Inkjet Photo Paper, Duplicating paper, Data Pak Paper for Smart best Printer, Typing Paper, Carbon Paper, Ruled Paper, Photo state Paper A-4 Size, Photo state Paper Legal size, Photo state Paper A -5, Photo Paper Full Scape, Drawing Sheet Red/Blue/White /v eilc a, Leader Folder for Boucher , 3a.< Folder Superior Quality, I File Flaps, Register 6 Qrs., Register 9 Qrs, Register 10 Qrs., Register Ruled 192 Page, Scissor Large size, Scale Plastic 24", Scale Plastic 18", Scale Plastic 12", Scale Steel, Service Protector, Pokar Wooden, All Pin, Paper Pin T Head, Gum Bottie 300 ml, Synthic Gum 20 ml, Glue Stick 15 Gram, Cello Tape (24 MM), Cello Tape (Small) & (Medium), Cello Tape Brown- 2", Cello Tape (Large), Cello Tape 2 Cm (blue, green, red, white,yellow), Ceilo Tape 1 Cm (blue, green, red, white, yellow), Paper Cutter Medium, Pin Cusion, Stamp Pad Small, Stamp Pad Big, Pad Ink Bottle, Stick Letters Hindi & English 1 to 3 Cm, Tressing cloth 1x18 mtr Role Archit, Tressing Paper Role, Tressing paper 1x18 mtr Role, File Cover Printed/laminated with ITBP Logo, File Flap with Gatta, Correcting Fluid white, Correcting/ Whitting Pen, Clip Board Acrylic, Envelopes E-7A FS size with cloth, Envelopes E-8A FS size with cloth, Envelops Plain 7"x5", Envelops White small 9"x4" Plain, Envelops Khaki 9"x4" Plain, Envelops with Cloth 10"x8", Envelops white medium - ll" x 5 ", Envelops with Cloth 12"xl6", Envelops Khaki 10x12", Envelops with lamination 9x4", Pen Stand (4 pen set), Pen Stand (2 pen set), Slip Pad Small size super quality, Transparent File Cover, Permanent marker Black, Red, Green, Blue,, White Board marker Black, Red, Blue, Green, Pen Drive 8 GB, Pen drive 4 GB, Pen Drive 16 GB, CD -R 100 CD pack, DVD R/W, CD-RW, Album 50 Photographs 4"x6", Fevi Quick, Fevi Stick 8 gm, Fevi Stick 15 Gm, Fevi Stick 22 gm, Stickey Premium Pad Flag yellow/white colors, Stick Flag page marker(Clour Flag), Calculater, Citizen, Paper Weight, Stapler Big, Stapler Small, Stapler Pin Big- 24/6, Stapler Pin Small NO.10, Stapler pin Big, Natraj MB, U/Clips, Plastic Quoted, Drawing Pin Pkt Big Size, Drawing Pin Small Brass, Stencil Plate 10 mm, Spirl Binding Large, Cloured Ribben 34 ", Clourd Ribben 1 CM all colour, Square Set Complete, Geometry Box, Spiral Binding Transparent File sheet (Both side), Note book Pad 4"x5", Note Book 6"x4", Febriband Tube, Scale Plastic- 02 Feet, Scale Steel- 2 Feet, Exercise Note book for Steno, Pocket Diary, Chalk Cloured (Big Size), Candle Medium Size, Brouchure folder (40 Poket) A-4, Spiral Diary Coloured small size. | Due on 31-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11318766
5 Value: INR 3.52 Lakh | Electro Stat Copies Work On Different Paper Size Including Stationary, Ink/Toner Etc, For The Period Of One Year. | Due on 20-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Telecommunication Services / Equipments | Bihar | TID: 11322081
6 Value: INR 3.50 Lakh | Supply of General Stationary & Computer Consumable items- Calculator 12 digit, Register 2 Qr F/Q, Register 3 Qr F/Q, Stapler Machine (Small), Paper pin, Stepler Machine (Big), Stapler Pin Small, Stapler Machine Pin (Big) Detol Liquid Hand wash, Nepthlin Ball, Harpic, Vim, Water Bottle fiber, Dettol liquid Hand wash, (refill ) Phenyl, Gum Pest, Gum pest tube, Ink Pad (Medium), Tag, Dak folder file/Clip, Guard/ File, Note book with printing side spiral binding (Medium), Note book with printing side spiral binding (small), Plastic Folder with printing of dept. name, logo), Odonil, Duster (Small), Rubber, Pencil, Punching Machine, Clip guard file, Add Jel Achiever Pen, Permanent Marker, Highlither Pen, Erezex, Pen stand (4 pen), Acid, Hit Spray (Small), Good Knight (Machine), Good Knight (Refill 60 days), Envelop (Printed ), Cloth envelop (Large {Printed ), Rubber Band, Plain Paper, Pokar, A4 Size paper, Cartries HP 43X laser jet Printer, Cartridge Printer ML1610 Samsang, Cartridge printer ML1450 Laserjet, Samsang Cartridge HP P-1505 Laserjet, Cartridge HP-M1213nf, Data Cartridge for CDOT- IOP, Cartridge dot metrics Printer CD Marker in SSA. | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Coal and Lignite | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11263975
7 Value: INR 1.92 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Insulating papers | Due on 08-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Tourism | Delhi | TID: 11342406
8 Value: INR 1.25 Lakh (approx.) | Supply of Loofa Pad duly pack in white transparent cellophane paper and both packed in a box with window, the box should be in two colour printing, paper with Ashok Logo. | Due on 14-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Power Plant | Uttar Pradesh | TID: 11240610
9 Value: INR 1.10 Lakh | Supply of Photocopy Paper of PTPS, Panki. | Due on 01-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Fertilizers and pesticides | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11171769
10 Value: INR 65.76 Thousand | Supply of Filter Paper. | Due on 30-Jul-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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