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Coal and Lignite | Madhya Pradesh | TID: 11486825
1 Value: INR 3.27 Million (approx.) | Conclusion of Rate Contract for A Period of 02 Year for Supply of Radiaology & O.T. Items –Surgical Gauge Than Size- 90cmx18mtr. Wove,Wt.425-440gm., Cotton Wool (Pkt Of 400gm), Bandage Roller 15cm X 5 To 5.5 Mtrs.,100% Cotton, Syringe 2ml + Needle 24g X 1" Disposable.-, Syringe 5ml+Needle 23gx1" Disposable. -, Syringe 5ml + Needle 24g X 1" Disposable., Syringe 10ml + Needle 23g X 1" Disposable., Surgical Gloves Size-6.5 (Latex)., Surgical Gloves Size-7 (Latex)., Surgical Gloves Size-7.5 (Latex)., Mersilk 2-0 With Curve R.B Needle .(Pkt Of 12) Or Equivalent., Mersilk 3-0 With Curve Cutting Needle ( Pkt Of 12) Or Equivalent, Mersilk Black Atraumatic-1, 60mm 3/8 Circle Cutting (Pkt Of 12) Or Equivalent, Prolene -1 30mm Half Circle Round Body Heavy Monofilament, Liquid Developer For Autoprocessor To Make Solution For 20 Litre Or More, Fixer Liquid (Autoprocessor .)To Make Solution For 20 Litre Or More, Starter Solution For Liquid Developer For Autopcosser ,2x1 L Set, Gadodiamide/Gadopentate/Gadobenate Dimeglumine Inj. 10ml Vial / Pfs, Sodium & Meglumine Diatrizoate- 75% / 76% Inj 20ml / Amp (Urograffin/ Trazograf / Urovideo 75/76%), Iohexol 350mg/100ml Vial, Iodixanol 320 Mg (100 Ml Vial), Iopromide 0.623gm/Ml 50 Ml Vial., Anticoagulant Solution For Blood Collection 100mlcpd-A,Naco/Nbtc Approved, Ultra Sound Jelly 250 Ml Bot / Tube (Kiran/Meditech Usg Jelly), Anticoagulant Solution For Blood Collection 350ml Blood Bag Cpda ( Brand Hl Haemopack). | Due on 01-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Insurance Services | Andhra Pradesh | TID: 11574510
2 Value: INR 3 Million | Hospital Rate Contract For Purchase Of Medical /Surgical Consumables & Lab Kits - Slide Rinsing Troughs, Sahli’s Hemoglobinometer, Chromium Trioxide, Hexamethanaminetetra Amino/Methanamine/Hexamine, Rapid Spot Kits For Fructose Analysis In Semen, Ether, Anhydrousalcl3, Ethyl Alchol, Potash Alum, Nah2po4, Na2hpo4, Sulphur Powder, Carmine, Neucler Fast Red, Cromicacid, Borax[Photograficgrade], Hexamethanaminetetra Amino, Sodiumbisulphate, Sodiumthio sulphate, Aluminium sulphate, Hexamine, Ferric Chloride, Potasium Ferrocyanide, Congo Red, Matanil Yellow, Charcoal, Al2[Oh]3, Butanol, Brilliant Crysyl Blue, Benzidine Powder, Acetone Free Methyl Alcohol, Schleingers Solution, Ea 50 (Eosin Azo 50) With, Ethyl Alcohol, A.E.C Solution Absolute Eosinophil Counting Fluid, Glass Beads, Lancets, Dc Cell Counter, Hot Plate, Plane Gention Violet, 1%Malachite Green, Sld, Microtips 5-20 ?l, Microtips 5 Ml, Toulidine Blue Stain Solution, Tissue Embedding ‘O’rings, Tissue Capsules With Stiping Holes, Tissue Capsules Stainless Steel, Slide Carrying Trays, Slide Holder/Hanger, Mercuric Chrome, Bromocresol Blue Solution, Glass Staining Trough, Bone Marrow Aspiration Needles (Adult And Pediatric), Bone Marrow Biopsy Needles Adult And Pediatric), Myelo Peroxidase Kit, Microtome Blades, Immuno Histo Chemistry (Ihc) Consumables, Immuno Flouroscence (If) Consumables, Fnac Gun, Potasuim Di Chromate, Laboline, Slide Standing Racks, Slide Staining Racks, Urine Analyzer Printer Rolls, Sd Urine Multi Strips, Cytospin Filter Cards, Freezing Medium For Cryostat, Diluents (20 Litres), Cleaner (01 Litre), Leucodiff (01 Litre), Basolyse (05 Litre), Lysebio (01 Litre), Difftrol (2x3ml) Low,High,Normal, Neutrophilic Alkaline Phosphatase Kit, Cytospin Cell Funnels, Microbiology, Mc Cartney Bottles, Cotton Wool Absorbent, Vaccutainers Pediatric, Vaccutainer Syringes, Tourniquet, Depression Slides/ Concavity Slides, Anti Hcv Elecsys Kit, Hbsag Elecsys Kit, Hiv Combi Elecsys Kit, Hand Held Lens, Durhams Tube, Teasing Needles, Culture Media, 7. Chrome Agar, H2o2, Readymade Agar, Staining, Petroleum Jelly, Sterile Injection Water, Straight Wires, Zip Locked Bags, Hcv, Lighter, Puncture Proof Containers, Bio Medical Waste Cover Red, Biomedical Waste Cover Yellow, Biomedical Waste Cover Green, Stool Containers, Dengue –Rapid Test, Csf Screen Kit, Media, Chrome Agar, Blood Culture Bottles, Adult, Paediatric, Lens Cleaning Solution, Loops(Disposable), Ready Prepared Mcfarland, Tubes, Bowie Dick Test, Mic Strips, Imipenem, Sterile Anero Bags Pack, Chemicals, Autoclavable L Spreader, Tissue Rolls, Twine Threads, Aluminium Foil Rolls, Refill Packs, Disposable Plastic Gloves, Vacutainer Racks, Stainless Steel Test Tube Racks/Holders-1, Stainless Steel Test Tube Racks/Holders-2, Aluminium Slide Trays, A)Vertical, B)Horizontal, Biohazard Labels, Staining Rods, Dropper Bottles, N95 Masks, Heavy Duty Gloves, Blood Bank, L Lysine, Micropipettes Multichannel Stand, Test Tube Racks(Steel), Blood Bags (Single, Double,Triple,Quadrapl E,Pediatric, Top & Bottom), Staining Rack, Coagulation Analyser Reagents & Controls, Calorimeter Cuvvets (Elica), Liss Solution(For Crossmatching), Stainless Steel Canisters (Camp), Auto Clave Bins & Trays, B.P Aparatus Coughs & Air Bulb, Stainless Steel Trays With Caps, Thermo Graph Stylers (Pens), Wafers(Sterile Connecting Devise), Panel Cells, Cuso4 ( Copper Sulphate) Crystals, Haemoglobin Spot Tests (Haemocue), Blood Administration Set, Thermometers For Room Temperature, Conical Test Tubes With Measurement, Calibrated Thermometers For Equipments, Urinometre, Sqeezing Balls, Sr.Creatinine, Micro Tips, Thin Layer Chromatography Sheets, Label Stickers, What Man Filter Paper, Racks For Micro Tips, Band Aid Circular, Disposable Tubes, Tourniquet, Plastic Sleeves, /Protectorsheets, Perchloric Acid 70%, Diazo Reagent A, Diazo Reagent B, Uricon, Cericon, Ninhydrin, Iii Party Controls, External Quality Assessment Controls, Clinical Chemistry, Immunoassay, Elecrolyte Analyzer Consumables 3 Modules, Reagent Solution Pack 700ml, Daily Cleaning Solution 6*10ml, Tri Level Quality Controls (6*10ml), Lithium Battery 1 Unit, Na Electrode, K Electrode, Ca Electrode, Cl Electrode, Reference Electrode, Bubble Detector, Pump Tubing, Sample Tubing, Trouble Shooting Kit, Sample Probe, Valve Module, Electrode Seals, Sample Interface Seals, Unislider, Blood Gas Analyser, S8375 Cleaning Solution 175 Ml, S 1820 Calibration Solution 1 200 Ml, S 1830 Calibration Solution 2 200 Ml, S 4980 Rinse Solution 600 Ml, S5362 Hypochlorite Solution, For Protein Removal, S7770 Thb Calibration, Solution, E777 Ph Electrode, E788 P Co2 Electrode, E799 P O2 Electrode, E1001 Reference Electrode, E 722 K Electrode, E755 Na Electrode, E744 Cl Electrode, E733 Ca Electrode, D711 Ref Membrane Box, D799 P O2 Membrane Box, E788 P Co2 Membrane Box, D 755 Na Membrane Box, D 722 K Ref Membranebox, D 733 Ca Membrane Box, D744 Ref Membrane Box, Calibration Gas 1, 34bar On-Board Gas Bottle, | Due on 10-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Municipal Corporations | Maharashtra | TID: 11514154
3 Value: INR 1.50 Million | Supply of Various of Types of Medicines & Medical Instruments Tab. Paracetomol 500 mg (IPCA/Densa), Tab. Furazolidone 100 mg (Galaxy/Penta/Atul), Tab. Septran D.S (Kopavan), Tab. Ciprofloxacin 250 mg (DANA), Tab. Metronidazole 200 mg (Atul), Tab. Ciplox TZ (Searle), Cap. Doxycycline 100 mg (Scientific) (With 10 Cap Strips) vbcn, Cap. Tetracycline 250 mg (Scientific), Liq-medicolore (bottles) 20 ml (Chlorivat), O.R.S. WHO Formula (PCI/Concept), Syp. Septran (bottles) (Scientific) 400 ML, Syp. Norgyl (Searle), Tab. Cetrizine 10 mg (Penta), O.T. Test Kit as per specification, C.B. Media Bottle as per specification, Tab. Chloroquine Phosphate 250 mg (150 mg) (Unibiosis), Tab Primaquine 15 / 7.5 / 2.5 mg (Hab), Tab Nimmusulide 100mg (CFL/Lyko), Tab CPM 5mg (Biogen), Tab Dexamethazone (Penta), Tab Iboprofen 200 mg (Scientific), Tab Diclofonac sodium 50mg (Penta), Tab Phenargan 10mg (Sanket), Tab B.C. ( Penta), Cap B Complex (Bittu), Weight Machine (Diamond), Tab Cyclopam 250mg (Sanket), Tab Sodamint (Galaxy), Tab Enam – 5 (Dr. Reddy), Tab Calcium Lactate (Penta), Tab Combiflam (Aventis), Tab Asthalin (Renumed), Tab Deriphydlin 250mg (Germen Remedy), Tab Amoxycillin DT 125 mg (Makers), Syp.Jeetrex (Euphoric), Syringes 5ml/3ml (Nivilife / BD), Inj. Water for injection 5 ml (Nivilife), Inj. Avil Vial (10 ml) (Aventis Pharma), Inj. Diclofenic 25 mg in 3 ml (Searle), Inj. T.T. (Serum), Inj. B.Red (Marlin), Inj. Neurobion (Emeucre), Spirit Bottle Surgical Spent (Krishna), Cotton (Vandna/Modern), Ear/Eye drop (Soframycin/Aventis), TR Benzone (Corel), Throat Paint (Southern), NFT Cream (Srideep), Ointment Povidone Iodine 5 % 15 gm in each tube (Searle), Thermometer (Hiks), Inj Vovaran (Ampules) (Novartis), Crepe Bandage 10 (Modern), Tab Erythromycine 250 mg (Omega/CFL), Tab Oflexin O2 (Concept), Syrup Furazolidine (Vikrant), Syrup Metronidazole 100mg/5 ml (Vikrant), Syrup Paracetamol 125mg/5 ml (Vikrant), Cap. Omeprazole 20 mg Strip (Cipla/Alkem/Ranbaxy), Tab Domperidone 10 mg (Penta), Tab Ranitidine 150 mg Strip (Sanket/Concept), Tab Spas Modin (Dodel), Tab Diclopare (Atul), Tab Gelusil MPS (Scientific), Inj. Vitamine B Complex 10 ml (G.R), Tab Ascorbic acid 500 mg Vite (Sanket), Tab Ferrous Sulfate (Sanket/Atul), Tab Calcium with Magnesium vit D-3, Vit C, Adhesive Tape – Paper Base 3 ( Paper Based) (JMS), Elastic Adhesive Tape (Johns), Disposable face mask, Disposable Needles Number 22 / 24 (BD/Alberit D), Tab Grisofievin 250 mg (Vikas), Dettol (RK), Soframycine Cream (Aventis), Normal Saline, Tab. Daonil, Inj. Vitcofol 2cc Ampule etc. | Due on 28-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Minerals | Orissa | TID: 11577314
4 Value: INR 9.60 Lakh | Supply of Medicines, Surgical accessories and Dressing items - Cap. Augumentin, 625&375 Mg, Cap. Megapen/Broadiclox, Cap. Novmox, 250 &500 Mg, Cap. Paraxin 250, 500 Mg, Cap. Resticillin 250, 500 Mg, Cap. Subamycin 250, 500 Mg, Cap. Teramycin 250,500 Mg, Cefolac Az, Syp. Ampoxin, Syp. Mox (125mg), Syp. Taxim-O (50mg), Syp. Ziminic, Tab . Alevo 250, 500 Mg, Tab Afixe Cv, Tab Zimnic (200mg)/Mahacef, Tab. Althrocin 250, 500 Mg, Tab. Ampoxin, 125 Mg, 250 Mg, Tab. Atm 100,250,500 Mg, Tab. Bactrim Ds, Tab. Cefoxid 125,250,500 Mg, Tab. Cifran (250,500mg), Tab. Cifran (500mg), Tab. Clavam 625 & 375mg, Tab. Doxt, Tab. Droxyl (250mg), Tab. Droxyl (500mg), Tab. Mahacef 100 &200mg, Tab. Roxid 50 ,150,300 Mg, Tab. Sepmax, Tab. Septran, Tab. Sporidex 500&250 Mg, Tab. Taximo-O 100 &200 Mg, Tab. Zenflox (200mg), Tab. Zocon (150mg), Tab.Mox (125 Mg), Tab.Mox (250 Mg), Crocin Drop/ Calpol, Syp. Calpol (60ml), Syp. Crocin Ds, Syp. Flexon (60ml), Syp. Sinarest- P (60ml), Tab. Aceclo Plus, Tab. Comabiflam, Tab. Crocin, Tab. Diclogesic, Tab. Diclowin P, Tab. Dolonex Dt, Tab. Febrex Plus, Tab. Flexon Mr, Tab. Ibugesic Plus, Tab. Lyser D, Tab. Namcold, Tab. Nimsa-P, Tab. Nise/Nise-P, Tab. Oxalgin, Tab. Sinarest, Tab. Voveran (100mg), Tab. Voveran (50mg), Tab.Calpol, Tab.Calpol 650mg, Anti-Diarrhoea, Syp. Alkasol, Syp. Alkasol P, Syp. Aristogyle F, Syp. Normet, Tab. Cifran Ct, Tab. Flagyl (200mg), Tab. Gramoneg-M, Tab. Interquinol, Tab. Lopamide, Tab. Norbid- T, Tab. Norflox Tz, Tab. Norilet A, Tab. Veltum Plus, Tab. Zenflox Oz, Tab.Flagyl-400 Mg, Tab.Metron Df, Syp. Lariago, Syp. Qst, Tab Lumerax 80, Tab Qst 300/600, Tab. Comabither, Tab. Larigo-Ds, Tab. Malarid-7.5, Tab.Lariago--250mg, Tab.Malarid-Ds, Tab. Alprax 0.25 & 0.5 Mg, Tab. Aten-50, Tab. Calciguard, Tab. Calmpose 5 Mg, Tab. Digiron, Tab. Sorbitrat, Tab. Telma-20/40, Tab. Telma-H, Tab. Telmakind 20/40, Tab. Telmakind-H, Tab. Tenoric 50, Tab.Amlovas At, Syp. Domestal, Syp. Perinorm, Syp. Vomikind (30ml), Tab. Domestal, Tab. Perinorm, Tab. Phenargan (10/25mg), Tab. Stemitil, Tab. Vomikind, Tab.Avomin, Syp. Decolic (60ml), Cap. Spasmo Proxivon, Tab. Buscopan, Cap. Lanzap 30, Cap. Omez, Syp. Creemaffin Plus, Syp. Divol, Syp. Gelusil Mps/Digene, Tab. Gelusil Mps/Digene, Tab. Histac (150mg/Ranitidine, Tab. Pan 20, Tab. Pan 40, Tab. Pantop D, Tab. Rabikind-Dsr, Tab. Zintac 150,300 Mg, Tab.Famotidin40/Topcid, Syp. Cetriz, Tab, Actified +, Tab. Allegra, Tab. Avil (25mg), Tab. Banocide Forte, Tab. Betnesol, Tab. Cetriz, Tab. Eofiles, Tab. Eofiles Od, Tab. Lasma, Syp. Bandy, Syp. Nizonide, Syp. Noworm, Syp. Piperizine Citrate, Syp. Zentel, Tab. Bandy +, Tab. Mebex, Tab. Noworm (400mg), Inhaler Asthalin, Tab. Asthalin (2mg), Tab. Asthalin (4mg), Tab. Derriphylline, Tab. Theophyllin, Syp. Ascoril (100ml), Syp. Benadryl (100ml), Syp. Corex, Syp. Coscopin, Syp. Coscopin Pd, Syp. Grilinctus Bm, Syp. Instaryl P, Syp. Koarest, Syp. Kofarest Pd, Syp. Phensedryl Lintus, Syp. Tixylix, Syp. Zedex-P, Bandage, Cap. A To Z, Cap. A.D, Cap. Becelac, Cap. Becosule, Cap. Evion 400,600mg, Cap. Trineuron Sr, Cap. Zevit, Cap. Zinkovit, Syp. Dexorange, Syp. Hepatoglobin, Syp. Ostocalcium, Syp. Zincovit, Syp.Aristozyme, Syr. R B Tone, Syr.Liv-52, Tab Neurobion Forte, Tab. Ostocalcium, Tab. Riboflavin, Tab. Sandocal 500, Tab. Supradyn, Injection, Inj Emal 75/150, Inj Genticyn 80mg/40mg/20mg, Inj Megapen 250/500, Inj Phenytoin, Inj. Adrenalin, Inj. Arh Plus, Inj. Avil 2ml Ampoul, Inj. Calmpose, Inj. Decardon, Inj. Decolic, Inj. Diclo (30ml), Inj. Dolonex, Inj. Falcigo 60 Mg, Inj. Fevastin, Inj. Histac (2ml), Inj. Larinate 60mg, Inj. Mikacin 250,500 Mg, Inj. Monocef S 1.5/ 500 Mg, Inj. Neurobion (3ml), Inj. Nurokind Plus, Inj. Pan 40, Inj. Perinorm 2ml, Inj. Phenergan, Inj. Qst (2ml), Inj. T.T, Inj. Taxim 125, 250,500 Mg, Inj. Voveran 3ml., Inj.Cyclopam, Inj.Vomikind, 10%Dextrose Saline, 5% Dextrose Saline, A D Plaster, Bandage, Betadin Oint.Jar (250grm), Betadine Lotion, Betadine Oint., Betnovate C, Candibiotic Ear Drop, Candid B (5gm), Cloben G, Cotton, Detol (500ml), Dispo-Mask, Dispovan 10cc, Dispovan 2cc, Dispovan 5 Cc, Dns Saline, Eye Applicape, Furacin (250gm), Gauze, Genntion Violet (10ml), Gentamycin Eye/Ear Drop, Gloves (Size-7), Hydrogen Peroxide, I V Set, Lecoper (5cm X 5m), Liquid Mercurochrome, Lotion Mercurochrome, Nasivion Nasal Drop, Neosporine Eye Oint., Nobelgel, Normal Saline, Otek Ac Ear Drop, Oticin Eye & Ear Drop, Otrivin Nasal Drop, Pyrimon Eye Drop, Relaxly Gel, Rl, Silverex Jar (240gm), Surgical Spirit, Volin Spray, White Vaseline Jar (250gm), Xylocain Spray, Zenflox Eye / Ear Drop. | Due on 04-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Security Services | Delhi | TID: 11561409
5 Value: INR 6.51 Lakh | Supply Of Medicines/Surgical/Lab./Non Expendable Items - Tab Azithromycin 50 mg, Tab Augmentin 625 mg, Tab Cefixime 200, Tab Flexon, Tab Combiflam, Tab Chymoral Forte, Tab Mobizox, Tab Sumo, Tab Falcigo Plus, Tab Falcigo Kit, Tab Lumerax, Tab Amlodipin, Tab Aten, Tab Digoxin, Tab Envas, Tab Sorbitrate, Tab Calmpose, Tab Alprax, Tab Cyclopam, Tab Albendazole, Tab Dependal M, Tab Digene, Tab Metrogyl, Tab Oflox OZ, Tab Emeset, Tab Stemetil, Tab Ranitidine, Tab Avil, Cetcip L, Strepsils, Deriphylline, Neurobion Forte, Tab Limcee, Folic Acid, Ethamsylate, Cap Ampoxin, Cap Depin, Cap Ocid, Cap Spasmoproxyvon, Inj Ciplox, Inj Monocef, inj Fortwin, Inj Paracetamol, Inj Tramadol, Inj Larither, Inj, Lasix, Dopamine, Inj Calmpose, Epsolin, Anafortan, Emset, Pantosec 10ml, Inj Avil, Inj Adrenaline, Syp Aristozyme Liq, Dilosyn Express of Interest for, Syp Benadryl, Syp Gramogyl, Paracetamol 60ml, Healex Spary, Oint Acivir, Oint Neosporin, Oint Soframycin, Sofradex, Candibiotic Ear Drop, Drop Gentycin, Drop Locula, Otogesic Ear Drop, Otrivin Nasal Spary Adult, Ciplox D Eye Drop, Corn Cap, Clocip Powder, Candid V Pessaries, Pulv ORS, Candid Mounth Paint, Listrine Mouth Wash, Surgical Items – Dispovan, IV Set Romson, SV Set 20, 22 G, Dettol Liq, Micropore Tape, Band Aid, Surgical Sprit, Dynaplast, Burn Mesh, Face mask Disposable, Surgical Blade, ECG Jelly, Ligature, Sterilised Gauze Dressing, ryles Tube, Belladona Plaster, Liquid paraffin, Blood Urea Kit, Serum Cholestrol Kit, Serum HDL, SGOT, Vacutainer Blue Cap, Uristix, Urine Collection Pot, HB Pipette, HIV Test Card, Torniquet, BP Appratus, Allies Forceps, Towel Clips, Sinus Forceps, Tray With Lid. | Due on 08-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Spain | TID: 11371202
6 Supply of Dressings.
Supply Bandages, Gauze, Cotton & Plasters.
| Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Health Services/Equipments | Bangladesh | TID: 11376145
7 Supply of medicines, surgical-equipments, chemical, reagent, gauge, bandage, cotton, linen-items & furniture with painting-works. | Due on 26-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Romania | TID: 11431581
8 Supply of Instruments for anaesthesia & resuscitation.
various products for the treatment & care of patients criticism Department ATI - ATI PN, miscellaneous supplies, bandages, reagents.
| Due on 15-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Romania | TID: 11432016
9 Medical gauze, Bandages, Medical wadding, Wipes.
Material sanitare -tifon, including, FeSi medical vata is medicinala.
| Due on 12-Sep-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
Corporations/ Assoc/ Chambers/ Govt Agencies | Bulgaria | TID: 11480167
10 Supply of Bandages, Catheter accessories, Drain, Needles for sutures, Medical gauze, Medical gas masks, Scalpels and blades, Medical wadding, Wire-cutter and bistoury; surgical gloves, Devices and instruments for transfusion and infusion, Syringes, Dressing packs, Thermometers, Ligatures.
Delivery of medical supplies and bandages for the needs of the Hospital.
| Due on 28-Aug-2014  |  View for FREE  |  Document Available  |  Like  | Tender Cycle
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